Our Exclusive Tenure

For 38 years we have been skiing and boarding in the heart of BC's interior mountains.

STHS Tenure Map

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  • Half-a-million acres of terrain
  • 88 km long by 97 km wide
  • 200 named runs with unlimited landings and pick-ups
  • Runs up to 2,200 vertical metres
  • Bordering Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks

Our ski area is unlike any other, with our tenure bordering both Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks. Once you experience skiing through wide-open glaciers, alpine meadows and massive old-growth forests, you will understand why our heli-skiing territory is one of the most famous in the world. We ski both the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains which are renowned for their reliable powder snow conditions and unique terrain features. Our tenure has over 200 established runs with countless options for exploring this powder playground we proudly call our backyard.

The world's best tree skiing is found in our 500,000 acres of terrain due to our unique climate, species of trees, and consistent heavy snowfalls. Most of our skiing takes place below 3,000 metres (9,850 ft). Runs vary from 500 vertical metres in length to over 2,200 vertical metres.

In the Columbia Mountains, snow means powder. Our tenure receives an average of 40 to 60 feet (12 to 18 metres) of snowfall per year. Snow starts falling in September, serving up early season turns in December and fresh powder until April. Average temperatures at tree line are about -7°C (20°F).

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